About EmergeCyber

We’re a Cyber Security Partner

EmergeCyber help customers adopt new and highly effective ways of tackling cyber security challenges.

Our focus is on automation and technologies that continuously report on security status, protecting infrastructure, applications and people from harm.

If you’d like to find out more we’d love to hear from you.

Founded in 2015, EmergeCyber have built a diverse and inclusive team that values technical and non-technical cyber security skills with no barriers to success.

This diverse and inclusive mindset is carried through to our customer base and the language we use in the process of discussing cyber security; replacing terms that can cause offence and not sensationalising cyber security.

We’re focused on protecting businesses from harm but also having a great relationship with our clients and ensuring communication is consistent throughout.

Our aim is to make cyber security more inclusive, less scary and above all, achievable.

EmergeCyber are passionate about protecting businesses from harm and ensuring your workplace is secure