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Covers all known vulnerability classes including all of the OWASP Top Ten


Discover Exploitable Vulnerabilities in Web Applications, Websites & Hosted Services

Automated Application
Pen Testing

Automated Application Pen Testing

Accurate, Unlimited & Continuous Scanning

Application Penetration Testing

Our Automated Application Pen Testing platform adopts the mindset of an ethical hacker and emulates the processes of a professional pen tester.

This solution successfully identifies security flaws within your websites, applications, networks and cloud infrastructure that were previously unknown or undisclosed.

Your business risk is reduced with accurate, scalable & regular web application scanning so that vulnerabilities can be identified before it’s too late.

Application Pen Testing can be deployed as a SaaS solution or as part of a distributed scanning network.

Application Pen Testing

Quick, Accurate & Scaleable Scanning

Safe Exploitation

Safely exploit vulnerabilities to demonstrate the real business impact should a breach occur.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with common development tools, such as JIRA and TeamCity, and includes a JSON API to allow integration with other tools.

Application Scanning

Run unlimited and continuous application pen testing scans to discover vulnerabilities within your websites, applications, network, and cloud infrastructure.

Multiple Crawling

Uses multiple crawling technologies to accurately identify application components.

Browser Based Crawling

Combines application modelling techniques and subtle heuristical cues to automatically discover the complete attack surface of any given application in the shortest time possible.

Identifies Hidden Components

A HTTP/HTML based crawler is used to quickly identify hidden components through forced browsing.

Zero Day Detection

Detects vulnerabilities by adopting a first principles methodology rather than firing checks from a known vulnerability database, successfully identifying security flaws within applications and systems that are previously unknown and undisclosed.

No False Positives

Confirms vulnerabilities through safe exploitation to eradicate false positives and provide proof of concept.

Comprehensive Assessment

By working with some of the UK’s leading pen testers, each application pen testing scanning module has been designed to maximise detection accuracy whilst minimising false positives & is the most sophisticated scanning engine available.


Results can be exported as either a professional penetration testing report in Microsoft Word format or as a CSV file, with a single click. Results can also be exported in JSON format to allow easy integration with third-party tools.

Prioritised Remeditation

Reports enable you to track remediation progress, spot vulnerability trends and instantly see which areas of your environment are most at risk.  Use the workflow management system to assign & prioritise each vulnerability’s remediation to a member of your team.


Web application scanning covers all known vulnerability classes including all of the OWASP Top Ten. Easily view and manage all your known OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities in customisable dashboards, scans and reports.

Application Pen Testing

Key Features

  • Unlimited testing & unlimited users

  • Regular ongoing testing

  • Test in development & UAT environments

  • Plugins for Azure Dev ops, JIRA & many more development based tools

  • Accurate discovery & analysis of ‘Rich’ Internet Applications

  • An easy to use, proprietary scripting language, which can be used to scan complex workflows and single page applications

  • Vulnerability assessment module performs scans across your external network infrastructure

  • Detects critical web application scanning flaws

  • Fast, intelligent web crawling

  • Assign & prioritise remediation to members of your team using the workflow management system

  • A rescan feature allows individual vulnerabilities to be retested to determine if an applied remediation has been successful

  • Microsoft Word & CSV Reporting

  • Covers all known vulnerability classes including all of the OWASP Top Ten

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