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Understanding GDPR – The Tip of the Iceberg

Dictionary  the tip of an (or the) iceberg phrase of iceberg the small perceptible part of a much larger situation or problem that remains hidden. “detected fraud is only the tip of the iceberg”   Navigating your way around the GDPR can be a minefield and most companies just don’t know where to start.  We’ve created […]


Insider Threat Healthcare

It’s not surprising as they deal with huge amounts of sensitive data on a daily basis, all of which must be accurate, current and easily accessible. According to The Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 56% of data breaches in the Healthcare industry were incidents involving insiders.  It is the only industry where insider threats were […]


What Is Sensitive Data?

Wondering whether you hold any sensitive data?  What is sensitive data? Where you can find it? & How you can secure it? In a nutshell, sensitive data is any data a business considers to be confidential, and that which is bound by regulatory compliance initiatives such as the GDPR. To break it down, it can […]