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Discover Exploitable Vulnerabilities Across Networks & Private Cloud

Automated Internal
Pen Testing

Automated Internal Pen Testing

Discover Exploitable Vulnerabilities Across Networks & Private Cloud

Automated Internal Penetration Testing

Fully automated internal pen testing that mimics the hackers mindset.

Our internal pen testing platform finds network cyber security weaknesses and safely exploits them, just like an ethical hacker would.

Instantaneous reports highlight verified risks, prioritised by exploitable vulnerabilities.

Enterprise pen tests are completed in hours using agentless, plug & play deployment, with no false positives & no network disruption, together with the ability to re-run attack scenarios in order to validate the effectiveness of fixes.

Internal Pen Testing

Automatically ensuring you’re one step ahead


No need for agent installations or network configurations.  Internal pen testing starts with physical LAN access without any credentials.

Harmless Exploits

We exploit vulnerabilities like a hacker, but without any disruption of service e.g. lateral movement, remote execution, relay attacks, password cracking, ethical malware injection and privilege escalation.

Attack Vector Visibility

Every achievement is clearly presented and illustrates the attack “kill chain” in an easy to digest format, empowering users to rapidly remediate the minimal number of vulnerabilities required in order to neutralise the threat.

Automated Pen Testing

Define a range of IPs and select the type of tests you wish to perform, then press ‘Play’.  You can get on with doing other things whilst the test works its magic.

Attack Checkpoints

For mission-critical systems, a company’s security officer can selectively control the intrusiveness level of the pen test.

Prioritised Remediation

Get a clear summary of the critical remediation steps to be taken, relating to exploitable vulnerabilities safely proven to be harmful to your organisation and assets.

Latest Hacking Techniques

Know that your internal pen testing techniques are the most up-to-date.

Customised Pen Testing

You can set any pen testing start point (closed box (zero knowledge), translucent box (some knowledge), clear box (full knowledge)) and even run targeted attacks, testing for specific network segment weaknesses or for the cyber resilience of particular applications.

Internal Pen Testing


  • Continuous Protection

    Hold all of your networks to the same high standard.

    Consistently check your security controls and defences across your organisational networks. Our automated internal pen testing platform tests your entire infrastructure ensuring that you remain resilient.

  • Consistent Validation

    Test as frequently as required – daily, weekly or monthly.

    It is critical to pen test continually because networks, users, devices and applications constantly change and expose vulnerabilities.  Ensure your guard is up at all times.

  • Current Defence

    Keep up with the latest hacking techniques.

    Malicious hackers constantly evolve their techniques and tools, therefore it is critical that your ‘risk validation’ tools evolve as fast as the hackers’.

“Everybody is short-staffed and automated pen testing takes the mundane work away and makes sure my team focuses on the right remediation priorities.”

“Automated pen testing helps me and my team test each part of our organisation in a real scenario and makes each red-teamer do the work of ten.”

“With automated pen testing, we got back the keys to the (IT) kingdom. We can test ourselves whenever we need.”

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