OT Security

Operational Technology Cyber Attack Prevention

Our OT Security solution protects OT systems from cyber attacks.

Operational downtime is the most common impact of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) focused cyber attacks.

Manufacturing environments need a solution that provides complete prevention from file and file-less attacks, known and unknown threats, that do not jeopardise system performance or the production line.

Even a short production downtime could cost you millions and it can take weeks to get the process back up and running.

This is where OT Security comes in; we can help prevent cyber attacks from impacting manufacturing uptime, productivity and revenue.

OT Security

OT Security

Keeping Your Business Operational

Unlike Traditional Antivirus

A completely self-contained OT Security solution that hardens Applications and Operating Systems, with no pre-existing threat knowledge required.  There are no False Positives to manage, and Patch Fatigue becomes a pain from the past.  Remediation happens on the endpoint, at kernel level, and there’s no data removal for analysis in the cloud.

Immunised Endpoints

Complete protection against all file, file-less, known and unknown malware types.  Any attempt to execute malicious code is blocked before it starts to execute.  Proactive alerts and actions can be configured.

Prevent Threats

Unique detection and prevention of Advanced Persistent Threat’s (APTs), including Zero-Day and Ransomware attacks.  OT Security protection is delivered in memory at run time, which is exactly when endpoints are most vulnerable.  By monitoring all applications and services in memory, network infections are categorically thwarted.

Revolutionary Approach

The components of custom applications and/or off-the-shelf software are deeply analysed, enabling a digital DNA extraction and mapping process to ensue.  Based on the resulting DNA maps, any foreign or otherwise unexpected code will be terminated and/or notified immediately, in exact accordance with pre-set policy.


Any attempted execution of foreign and injected software is detected.  The OT Security system provides immediate endpoint vaccination, including already infected endpoints.  Future infections are prevented with ongoing runtime endpoint surveillance.

Lightweight Application

The endpoint sensor requires less than 1% CPU usage, and there’s no need for reboots/downtime during setup.  Proactive security is delivered without the need for special skills, signature updates, behavioural analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.  Automated deployment can be achieved in a matter of hours.

Supports Air-Gapped Environments

No external / internet connectivity is required.


Contextual forensic data sets, including malicious instruction sequences, are captured at the point of attack.  This enables rapid Incident Response activity to follow.

Central Control

Multi-tenancy support and multi-site management functionality is readily available, from a central console.

OT Security Features

In-Memory Verification

Monitors every app and service in memory, preventing them from infecting a network.


Detect any attempts to execute foreign and injected software.


Prevent any attempts to execute malicious code.

Ease of Deployment

Automated with no special skills required.

OT Security Components

  • 1

    DNA Generator

    Analyses applications
    Extracts Digital DNA
    Generates un-forgeable DNA Maps and sends to endpoints
    Publishes to DNA MapManager

  • 2

    DNA Map Manager

    Virtual appliance containing DNA Maps and forensic data
    Updates are maintained

  • 3

    DNA Sensor

    Lightweight sensor on endpoint
    Provides continuous high performance run-time detection of foreign code
    When infection is encountered, the sensor enforces configurable prevention or notification policies
    Admin is alerted

  • 4

    DNA Control Centre

    Records all Digital DNA activity alerts, responses and context

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