SIEM Solution

What If You Didn't Need To Manually Write Correlation Rules?

SIEM Solution

SIEM Solution

Detect Threats | Investigate | Respond

Our automated SIEM Solution proactively reads, classifies & mitigates attacks without the headache of manually writing correlation rules.

Data is collected from a variety of sources (network devices, servers, domain controllers), analysed to detect trends, discover threats and investigate alerts.

Our SIEM Solution leverages Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, User Entity Behaviour and Network Traffic Analysis engines to deliver a fully automated classification and prioritisation process.

Ensuring your critical assets remain secure; using minimal resources and an improved return on investment.

SIEM Solution

Collect Data

Normalise Data

Analyse Data

Identify Security Breaches


What makes this SIEM Solution different?


Security Information & Event Management

  • AI-based correlation engine

  • Automatically correlates logs

  • Automates the process of root-cause and triage analysis

  • Predicts the attackers next steps

  • Clusters the logs into only a few real attack stories

  • Graphical time-based representation of real attacks & prioritised entities that are at top risk


Endpoint Detection & Response

  • Detections are based on machine learning and rules which are customisable

  • Malware prevention

  • Exploit detection

  • Unusual Processes

  • User and Admin Activities

  • Operational disruption

  • Misuse of network protocols

  • Reach host telemetry collection including: DLL and driver load, process status change, registry, files, DNS, network and security events


User & Entity Behavioural Analytics

  • Process activity logs by establishing normal behavioural patterns and flagging deviations

  • Identifies potential attack behaviours


Network Traffic Analysis

  • DPI sensors feed the network traffic analytics module

  • Learns normal traffic patterns

  • Flags anomalies


Threat Intelligence

  • Natural Language Processing-based threat classification centre

  • Continually collects threat intelligence from multiple commercial and open threat centres and enriches the logs with it


Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

  • Unique automated classification & prioritisation of threats and remediation processes

  • Finds attacker “intent” before the full attack is carried out and executes predictive response to prevent it

Data Connectors

  • Collects all types of data

  • Collects from endpoint and network-based security tools

  • Collects from user and network behavioural logs

  • Includes on-prem & cloud data sources

APIs to SIEM | SOAR | Other Platforms

  • Collection of security engines and microservices that optimise your existing SIEM, SOAR and other tools

  • Rich APIs allow your SOC to integrate with system data for in-depth forensics analysis

Automated SIEM Solution

Filters Data & Prioritises Alerts


  • Early Detection of Threats

  • Speed of Investigation & Response

  • Visibility Across All Environments

  • Improved ROI

Works for

  • Insider Threat

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Personal data-leak

  • Ransomware

  • Financial data-leak

  • Privilege Escalation

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